Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gruesse aus Deutschland
I arrived yesterday in Karlsruhe, Germany and am staying for the weekend with Mark and Nadine and then I will stay in the old part of the city with Nicole who is part of Kubik. Anyway... I am enjoying being back in Germany. I always forget HOW MUCH I love this Nation until I get back here. And there is no better time to be in Germany than during Christmas. Tonight we went to the Weihnachtmarkt or Christmas Market and it was great, just wish my toes were not close to frozen at the moment.

Sunday is Brunch at Kubik and it was really nice to be here for that. Funny that I have only been once before I felt like I knew most people there and in a way felt like it was my community. I love the spirit you find here that you dont find many places that are so open and welcoming in a genuine and authentic way. It takes away the awkwardness that I feel often at churches.

Anyway...Rob, Aimie and Karen will arrive tomorrow and we will be working on Doxology this week. Figuring out how to go forward and what is next. Should be a good week and it will be good for us all to be together here.

By the way Mark and Nadine have added a program to their blog that translates it into English... so you can go check it out!
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Glad you made it over safely and hope you're enjoying yourself.
I hope you have a productive time but also get to really enjoy Germany.Can't wait to hear how it goes. Be safe!

By Anonymous Jess, at 9:10 PM  

hey shannon!

hope you're still having a good time in Germany. I'm back from SE Asia- was a great time!

Hopefully see you sometime over the christmas period..
lots love xxx

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