Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Returning to myself
It is so so good to be here today. Back in London... Feet on this earth. Autumn in full swing and Winter on the way. Listening to Jazz and sitting in starbucks (only b/c my internet router crashed and i am 3 days w/o internet at home and need to catch up on email... so i am here in a startbucks (yes.,..go ahead and scorn me... listening ot jazz in shepherds bush b/c i have a meeting over here at 5ish)

so now... yes.. i am coming back to myself. feeling in my skin. but then i was catching up on blogs and came across the debate between fundamentalists and emerging church folks over Kyle's death. I really am beyond words, close to tears and spitting mad! Really when will it end? Will there always be this battle between those that so desperately are about the gospel and seeing it take root in our culture and those that want to preserve the church as they know it? How can people not see the pharisaical nature in their arguments. It is so repulsive. I never respond to this stuff b/c it makes me sick and seems like a neverending cesspool. But when someone that loved the Lord, cared about his church, loved the people in his congregation and continually sacrificed to do what he felt called to do dies and other people start using this to say it was God's judgement... i just have to say WHAT IN THE WORLD?
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I guess that if we're being criticised like that then we're doing something right.

You can only keep on doing what you think is the right thing. If others don't like it then that is their problem.

Personally, I'd rather be known as a weak-and-not-very-effective trier than a loud-and-obnoxious headache producer.

Keep on Shannon :)


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