Thursday, November 10, 2005

so much for having a jet-lag proof trip. it kicked in last night as i woke up every 30 minutes never really getting to sleep until around 7 am this morning. but that is ok...i have given myself time to decompress. and while i am ready to unpack feels like there is a different kind of "unpacking" on my agenda. the unpacking of my heart and brain from the last 7 weeks.

i said to a friend in an email that after my grandfather died every conversation felt intense, i was struggling between wanting to run away (flight mechanism in full throttle) and wanting to be with people (but be silent). my heart felt so intense and my brain overloaded. after all we had just launched Doxology and i had not unpacked that at all -- which is another thing---it seems after i do anything that is seen i want to run away--- do something new...especially as it gets adopted or blessed by the mainstream

as i landed in england i felt like i could breath again for the first time in weeks. i felt my heart contracting again, like there is space here to process and to breath. and spiritually i have felt the space for repentance which allows me to draw closer to god.

and then today i felt ready to read what others had said about doxology and begin being thankful for how good it was. how rich it was. for the ability to work with others that are so uniquely special.

i started by reading brad's thoughts....which blessed me also b/c he was so gracious to me. it helped to break through the fog that i have been seeing everything through in the last weeks. to read brad's thoughts you can go here

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Hello busy bee! what eventful trips we have both had (you were right - as usual, praise God! Our trip was significant too. No such thing as a 'mere' holiday anymore (again - THANK GOd!) It is a privilege to find yourself somewhere and know that you are there with purpose.
When you have established equilibrium and quelled sleep deprivation, we will catch up... no pressure, just relax and unwind for now! bless you, mags

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:46 AM  

Can I come to that catch-up? Grin.

Kidding. I'll gatecrash the second one. But feels so long since any of us have been together.

And Mags...I like your idea of a big groupie shindig. My people will talk to you people. =]

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:52 PM  

PS That was me - Katie. xx

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:52 PM  

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