Monday, July 04, 2005

Over the Hills and through the woods….well not really but it was a heck of a long way to come to see the Jones. (you know travel by tube, train, plane, bus and ferry all in one day) And I still can’t get over how long it takes to go such a short distance in this Nation. But oh well as always….more than worth the trip just to see the Jones and hang out for a bit. The land here is Amazing!!!!! And I am quite excited to see what these guys end up doing here.

So now I am planning on taking off first thing in the morning and driving back to London via Sheffield. I am quite excited about going through the Scottish Highlands…but also a bit nervous about doing the drive by myself. So if any of you guys are throwing prayers up…I would appreciate them….you know for safety of course but also that I would see the things the Father would like to show me and I would have revelation. I do love to drive, most of you know that, it opens something up for me….so off I go!
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One mighty woman of God passing through one of His favorite high places, and then down, through an area where, just this week, the leaders of the most powerful nations on earth are meeting. I believe you may be in the right spot at the right time. Open your satallite as you pass through those highlands! Father let her hear your footsteps on the earth!

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Not just journey's mercies, but journey's anointing... C u soon m

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