Saturday, July 09, 2005

so much has happened i dont know where to start or what to say. from the drive back and all of the prayers and love i have for this nation. and all the hope. to the bombing and all the concern for and from friends. to the re-entry into london and the arrivals of the german guys that are here to work on doxology. the last few days has been beyond surreal. i have lots of thoughts swirling in my head and i will try to blog again soon.

i think the thing i am most aware of today is how much i love london and how much the Father loves the city. i also am aware of how different it is to live here compared to living in the states post 9/11. really the city has just returned to normal so quickly and there is a solemness about the city. not much panic and not much fear.
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i think that is amazing the maturity after this event. so many strong prayers going out too. the funny thing is i feel more love for london through all of it. i am looking forward to getting to know her better soon. and to know you in your city.


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i thought it was interesting comparing londoners reactions to americans - the general american post 9/11 reaction was 'we're going to kill the bastards', while the post 7/7 reaction was 'we're going to carry on as normal & not give in'. i wonder how much this is a good thing (maturity etc), how much is a bad case of english repressiveness, & how much was some kind of spiritual legacy from the blitz.

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