Saturday, June 04, 2005

ok well i have been in the process of killing my blog for a long while now. i think b/c i didnt have any clear idea any longer of why i was blogging. when i first started blogging i wanted everyone to be blogging. and soon enougheveryone was blogging and we were all reading each others blogs and it was great and we were all connected. and that was part of what i was doing during that time...trying to get people connected so noone felt isolated.

but then in the process of the ECN blowout, leaving texas and moving to England I started really censoring my blog and then it became more of a chore than something i wanted to do. so for a long time i have thought about starting over. and it feels like today is that day. (ok so i did build an entire new blog...but my template got totally screwed up so i am going to post here and build another blog shortly)

so the last year has been more about "being" for me. and i feel like i need to open that up a little more, unpack it, share my journey/life with any of you that care to read it. for those of you that have continued to read my blog over the last year...sorry for how dull it has become!
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Woohoo! I am so glad for your fresh start!

By Blogger Julie, at 8:12 PM  

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