Monday, June 06, 2005

Columbia Road

…one of my favorite places in the city is the Columbia Road Flower Market. First of all I love the fact that London has so many markets, and I do think Columbia road is a cut above the rest! It is the market where all the flower stores go to buy their flowers. So down the middle of the street is stall after stall of fresh cut flowers and plants for sale and on either side the street is lined w/ very trendy stores. For instance there is Treacle, that makes lovely mini tea cakes, and then there is the hat store that does very artsy creative yet English hats. If you do it right you can hit Columbia Road, Brick Lane and Spitafields all in one go!

I love the diversity of people at Columbia Road and the energy that you find there on Sunday mornings. I love to meet people there, shop the market and picnic in the park at the end of the street. So that is how I spent my day today. A bunch of us met up at the flower market today, we did the market, and we picnicked with no rainfall. Then Katie, Ben and I hung out there for the entire afternoon, ending the day w/ a stroll through brick lane even though the market was kaput!
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