Tuesday, April 12, 2005

on the road again!
how good it was to be behind the wheel of a car again! today i drove from karlsruhe to kaiserslautern here in germany. i went to visit my cousin, whose husband has been stationed here with the air force and they are moving in a few weeks to Ohio. so it seemed timely that i should go and visit her, since she lives extremely close.

sometimes i really struggle with family stuff. i was really close to all my cousins growing up, and in fact this one cousin i really idealized. but the more i follow Jesus the less i seem to make sense to my family. and sometimes when i see them i feel inferior. but today was good. i felt like i didnt have to hide any part of my self or be embarrased for what i do not possess at this time. and it was just good to hang out and to see her boys that are growing up and to offer spiritual advice that she was seeking.

and more than all of that it was just good to be on the road. i love to drive sometimes. i didnt realize i missed it. but in the states so much of my time was spent in the car and it really does something for me, just to be in motion. and i like to pray in the car and i connect with God in such a different way when i am in motion. the only difference to driving here vs being in the states is the obvious lack of a constantly ringing cell phone.

so anyway..........................
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It's great to see into your life at this time - I'm really enjoying the ride! Blessings

By Blogger Naero, at 5:09 AM  

are you heading back to london soon? i'm going to be literally stopping through in about 2 weeks from now (something like the 26th, i think) and i've got an overnight layover at standsted. got a spare floor?

hope you are well.
nathan h

By Blogger Nathan Herrington, at 9:33 AM  

hello shannon, realy i had no time to organize that translationthing also links and photos...i first had to find a quiet minute, where mark can show me...
mayby today?

but i also can't still read nothing new on your blog
but good to hear that you are saved home
have a nice day

By Blogger Blogschokolade, at 3:14 AM  

sorry for my english, my translater leaved yesterday in the morning ;o)

By Blogger Blogschokolade, at 3:15 AM  

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