Sunday, April 10, 2005

because i am getting comments i will keep on blogging (for now at least)

i am still in germany. and it has been a FABULOUS day! Kubik does a sunday brunch that is over the top and very cool and i must admit it ranks right up there with Stubbs Gospel Brunch even w/o the gospel music. After that Mark, Marcus and I went to ZKM ( a museum for culture and media) it was great. just a museum devoted to technology and the arts. And at the end of the evening tonight we prayed together, mark, marcus, nadine and i. it was great. a bit of an experience to pray with 3 germans....all praying in german but really a good time of prayer. and at the end mark had a picture for me that i thought i should share here....

he had this picture that was in a big theatre, and it was like at the oscars. and this guy was a recieving an award. but by himself he could not stand up. and while there were other people beside him i was behind him holding him up but no one could see me. he didnt know what to do w- that but he did say it felt big, you know it was like he was getting an oscar. and it felt spot on to me, like some other words i have had in the past. i guess i just wanted to throw it out there. i also wonder how that fits with the word i have recieved several times about it is time to not just support other peoples vision but to carry out the visions that God gives me.
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