Thursday, February 03, 2005

Over a week since my last post…what a shame! Well maybe I should just start w/ what has been going on this week…..

Sunday night I went to headspace which was lovely. In fact their service was on the issue of doubt and when you walked into the church it was beautiful. They had set a table underneath a very low tent so everyone sat around on cushions on the floor around the table. And the table was filled w/ wine, cheese, bread, olives etc. and we were invited to actually discuss our issues of doubt with those around us. Then we took communion and said a liturgy that expressed the fact that we can come to the table b/c of our debt. Anyway…it was really lovely except that I realized two things.
1)I still hate walking into a church alone…even for me it raised all kinds of insecurity. And 2) While I really don’t question the reality of God and my relationship with Him I wonder if I shouldn’t doubt more. I mean I do doubt things like in the church are we really getting it right…or would we miss Jesus just as much as the faithful Jews did if they returned today…anyway….it has had me thinking all week which is the good thing about church services I suppose.

Lets see then on Monday we had a meeting about Protest4 which felt incredibly productive. And there were a few new people at the meeting. So we are moving forward on putting together a beer mat campaign to try to raise awareness around the issues of human trafficking. We are especially looking at raising awareness for the men that use the women of whom a large percentage of are working against their will.

In thinking through the rest of the week it could get quite boring to write it out. But actually it has been a really good and busy week.

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