Saturday, February 26, 2005

busy busy
well this past 10 days it has seemed like a bit of a revolving door at my got kicked of w/ andrew passing through, followed by a vist from derek and amy. which was nice b/c it made me feel reconnected to the tribe. and it was good just to hang in my place with people visiting me!

then kristen rudd's dad was in town and i met up with him and a colegue for a day. i played tour guide for the day and got spoiled! with dinner, coffee and the tour of the tour of London!

following that i headed to chichester for a few days to touch base with the carters and enjoy the countryside. i love chichester and have a special bond w/ the carter kids. (i hope that when i have kids they will be a cool and bright as those guys.) the carter house really has the feeling of a seaside castle retreat and i just love it there. and it has the most amazing kitchen. i am finding that i really love to cook but it is only fun for me if there are people to enjoy it. so it was nice to have a big kitchen to be creative in.

i arrived back yesterday and maggie and phu-tan came down from Cambridge along w/ maggie's parents from Australia. So they all had dinner at my place last night and magz and phu-tan are using my place as their base for the weekend. it was great to meet the blicks (maggie/cindy and jules' parents) and i am looking forward to joining up with them for a curry in brick lane. has been full and rich!
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