Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I have been thinking alot about prayer lately. My friend, Si posted the following story on his blog:

"A story from the East is told about a boy who was out walking on the bank of a river. He looked over and saw a sadhu praying on the opposite bank. The boy crossed over to see the holy man finishing his prayers and so the boy walked over to the water's edge and asked, 'Will you teach me to pray?'

The sadhu looked into the boy's curious eyes momentarily, then took the boy's head, plunged it under the water and held it there. When the boy broke free and got his breath back, he sputtered, 'What did you do that for?'

The sadhu said, 'I just gave you your first lesson in prayer. When you want to pray as badly as you wanted to breathe when your head was under water, only then will I be able to teach you.'

I think there is a lot of truth in this story. I mean we can practice the discipline of prayer but maybe it is when we need it to even breath that we really get there. I don't know....but i am there.

But before Si made that post i had been thinking about prayer anyway for on one hand, I had been praying for new life in my prayer life and since I got back i have been having all of these dreams and visions that wake me up and i feel called to intercede. Sometimes for hours.

On the other hand I just finished reading a book called mudhouse sabbath. The book was written by a girl who grew up jewish, converted to the most orthodox form of judiasm, in her last year at Columbia University she had a dream where she met Jesus. She didn't convert until she went to Oxford to do her MA, then she returned to do her PhD in New York where she had a to reconcile Judism and Christianity. (her book on that journey was Girl meets God) She wrote her latest book about spritual practices which are both Jewish and Christian, but they are practices that Jews tend to do better. And one of the chapters is about prayer. Challenging b/c it is mainly referencing liturgical prayer which is pretty absence from my life. there is a post..

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