Monday, November 15, 2004

well i have no idea what to blog about. at this point i think i am just going on autopilot.

i am in birmingham, alabama this week. and two weeks from tomorrow the show season will be over. I am beginning to try to plan December. I need to book a ticket to Alaska and book my ticket to London. I was hoping to be back in London by Christmas but I think that might be pushing it.....however....that leaves me trying to figure out what to do on Christmas.

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hey you- i know all about auto pilot. i am so glad you are getting to finally see the end in view. just wanted to say I LOVE YOU!!!!!! praying for more than sufficient manna from heaven for you this week. it is raining again here in austin. yuck and stir crazy days for us. but that's ok. every day is a blessing really even the drizzly ones. ta ta for now.

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