Tuesday, November 23, 2004

ok so i did the quiz below b/c for a while they were all the rage and i was inspired by maggie & phu-tan's blog (duo) and b/c i find that i am so tired that i haven't had much time to write a thoughtful blog.

but now i am back in memphis and as of a week from today i will be finished with the sugar scrub tour. the season has not been as successful as we had hoped but nontheless we are more than ready to be done and i am ready to go home.

today jules and i took in graceland. which was a bit over the top. i always wondered who would pay money to go to graceland but actually i learned quite a few things. did you know that elvis was quite a philanthropist? he gave and he gave to many people and organizations.

so that is what is up w/ me...back in memphis....1 week to go!
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I'm a native of Tennessee and I've never toured Graceland. I'm impressed with you! The show was quite the learning experience. I blogged a few thoughts on it. Looking forward to seeing you live and in person some time soon.

By Blogger KC, at 8:50 AM  

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