Sunday, October 03, 2004

I was driving to my grandparents on Thursday when it hit me that I haven’t been back in the states a month yet. Isn’t that CRAZY? It only seems crazy to me because I feel like I have been back too long already and it seems like I have already done a years worth of work.

Oh well, this is my only weekend without a show until dec 5th so I am actually taking a full day to enjoy myself. (well I say a full day but I will have a few work things to take care of tonight). So I am with jess and stacy at quacks. I have had my fill (and beyond) of coffee. And we are thinking of heading to the mall and possibly a movie.

This past week I did the family thing a bit and saw my grandparents, my brother, my nieces and nephew and my father. For those of you who know my precarious family situation you know how big that was. Then on top of it I also saw John Berryhill and a few other people that I did not expect to see.

My time with my family overall was good. I love my grandparents so much. They were more my parents than my parents during my formative years and I think I got my love for the church from my grandmother. But I was shocked by seeing her with all white hair. All my life she has colored it and now it is stark white. I don’t know they just seemed so old and it makes you realize that your family won’t be around forever. My brother is headed back to Iraq on the 19th and it was amazing to see how his perspective has changed. Before he went the first time he was so judgemental and full of prejudice but he now really likes the country and the people and wants to go back. (he is working on the rebuilding). But we are sooooo different. His kids however are amazing and I took them to see A sharks tale!

Seeing Berryhill was good also. I know most of you that know him won’t understand that but I think I am getting to the place where I am really thankful that I went through the ECN debacle and sitting down with John was good. I felt so strong and healthy, more mature, reminded of both my integrity and my femininity. I am both really proud of where I am and thankful for what God has done in my life. While I am very thankful for my relationship and the support I receive from the convention I am very glad that I am in a place where the majority of my support comes from legitimate business endeavors and people who believe in me and the ministry work God has called me to. And overall seeing berryhill just helped me realize how happy I am and what a better place I am in!

But with all of that and the non stop sugar scrub tour really kicking off on Wednesday I miss London. I miss my life there. I miss the newness, I miss the weather, I miss the people. There are things happening there this month that I wish I could be at. CMS is doing a weekend looking at issues regarding Training for young leaders and PROTEST4 is doing a weekend looking at the issue of people trafficking. Hopefully a lot of people from emerging churches across London will turn up and make a decision to collaborate on a missions effort focused on helping the people that are effected by such a heinous act. Did you know that there are more people traded today as slaves than were traded when slavery was legal? Something really must be done and I believe that church has to step up and be involved.

I also believe that the emerging church must be involved in working towards a solution. We must stop being focused just on the people that look like us, talk like us, dress like us and have a missiology that includes those that works towards justice for those that justice isn’t easily attained. Anyway if you are in London don’t miss the protest4 weekend . For more information check out either Si’s Blog or Moot Blog.

And just while I am on the subject of people for which justice does not exist I must say that I was disappointed the other night in the debates and the narrow scope of both parties views on foreign policy.
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wow - long post! i'm glad you are doing so well...sounds like life is good. enjoy it!

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your post has made me finally seem alive! e

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thank you so much for sharing this shannon.

heather says hello...

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