Friday, October 08, 2004

new show
well a new show has begun.....we are in san antonio.....the good news is our booth looks fantastic the bad didn't start out as good as i wanted it too and i was tired from the gate. it is not so good when you are tired before the show even starts. oh well....i guess that is just a request for all you people who read this blog to pray for me that i get some energy!

however saying that yesterday morning i looked up to see one of my old college friends and a girl i even lived w/ for a semester. it was BIZARRE mainly b/c that life seems like 100 years ago. and i was thinking about the difference btw where i am now and where i was even a year ago. i think if i would have bumped into mandy last year i would have really questioned where i was in life...i am not married, don't have kids, not much stablity. no big house, or extravagant car....etc etc etc. but yesterday i was able to look at where i am in life and be really content. now don't get me wrong...i really still want to be married!

i don't know ...i could see w/ a few different choices i could have such a different life...but i am really thankful for the life i have.

i will probably have to come back and polish up this post after i have had a cup of coffee!

the other thing that happened in between the two shows was i went to kerrville and back to soul cafe. it was really great...truly like homecoming or maybe a 10 year high school reunion (not that i have been to either to compare them) anyway it was really super fantastic and i was really blessed and encouraged.
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Yeah I agree, this post would definitely have benefitted from you drinking some coffee first! To all US readers of this comment: I'm british and therefore sarcastic, my contained within my above statement there is a joke - it's not jsut a barefaced insult! I thank you.....


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