Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Georgia, sweet georgia
I crossed the state line on Monday into Georgia and am now hanging out in Atlanta. Jessica was due to fly in yesterday and work the atlanta show w/ me but due to the fact that Life's grandmother isn't doing so well....Jessica stayed to work the Little Rock show, Life flew out to california and I am here by myself.

I feel like i should blog something meaningful or significant but really there is not much to say. It is kind of cool to be in Georgia. My dad was stationed here when I was 8 and he was promoted to Lt. Col. here and that year we celebrated forth of july at stone mountain which was one of my all time favorite holiday memories growing up. But I am really ready to go hang with the girls in memphis and go out on the town.

And beyond that I am really missing London and my flat. I am ready to unpack my bags and settle in for a while.

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