Sunday, September 19, 2004

My friend si blogged recently of having BNS (blog neglect syndrome) I myself am beyond BNS….i have vacillated between trying to rekindle a thing for blogging and killing this thing. But as I am sitting in quacks with my latte this morning (possibly my favorite place in Austin) I think maybe I should give it a go and blog once more.

So maybe I should give an update on my return to the states:

I arrived in dallas two weeks ago tomorrow…and dang it feels like 2 months ago. It was an easy place to land…I got to hang w/ Kristen and Joshua (and cute little Judah), Mark and Dawn and the kids….and then in classic shannon form I had meetings! From Dallas I drove to Austin and Life and I have been preparing pretty much non-stop for our sugar tour of 2004 and the launch of our new line “Lolo”.

I have been crashing at Brian and Whitneys new place in central Austin (which is nice for me b/c it is right around the corner from Quacks…so I can get my morning coffee on run). Whitney and Brian have 2 cute boys (Ean and Brennan) and I am sleeping in the play room….so last night I kept finding little car toys in my bed. But that always makes one smile!

Anyway our first stop on the sugar scrub tour was supposed to be Montgomery, Al but as we were pulling out of town to make the 14 hour drive we got the call that Hurricane Ivan was headed right for them…so we turned around, regrouped and have had a week in Austin to hang out. Which has been nice for me b/c I have gotten to catch up with some of my friends and now I feel really ready… the next stop: Lafayette, La…..we leave tomorrow.

Until then....Stacy and Jess just showed up, so i should sign off and hang out with them!
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hey shannon, great to have you blogging again!

By Blogger alexander, at 10:19 AM  

Hey Shannon,

I'm sitting in an office in Kent right now, and you have no idea how jealous it makes me feel to hear about you travelling all over the place and generally luvin' life in the USofA. I'm sure to you it all seems perfectly normal, but to this true-brit kid I can't think of anything more exciting!!

Glad to hear you are doing well!

John Evens

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:44 AM  

john--i was just thinking about you yesterday. i know i need to send a real email and i will do that soon! i hope you are enjoying kent!

By Blogger shannon, at 9:42 PM  

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