Friday, July 09, 2004

So I am hanging out with Maggie today…she had a meeting with business support services with the Inland Revenue. It was quite interesting. First of all I am a bit surprised that they come to you in this country and really want to meet all of your needs as a self-employed individual. Now we are having lunch and then we have to get everything for the Birthday Brunch that we are throwing for Debbie, Phu-tan and Kevin on Sunday.

Also just so you know Maggie said I looked all “jingly – jangly” today – I guess that is good since I feel kind of out of it today.

Ok so here is another thing—maggie was giving me a hard time about my lack of blogging & the small postings that I tend to do, but Jessica always gives me a hard time for my apathetic apologies about time lapses in my blogging effort. But I have to say I find it increasingly difficult to blog. I am such a verbal processor that sometimes I just can’t communicate all that I am thinking. Also I often find myself discounting what I do have to say as not being that important, smart or relevant. And that all has to to do with what I am thinking about with church and ministry and my purpose in life. As to what is going on with me personally it feels like I am just learning how to live and enjoy life again and I really don’t find that easy to share. And then there is the really basic fact that I still have not hooked up internet in my flat so it just isn’t that convenient to be online very often apart from doing email.

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