Sunday, July 04, 2004

lazy day
so i am thinking a lot about austin today. well not austin so much as the people at the 38th street house. today i have not wanted to really do anything. i was going to head down to the colombia road flower market but i decided to sleep in and that was nice & then tamsin called and we caught up for a bit and had a good time of prayer. but what i really would like is to be at Quacks with a mass amount of coffee and conversation w/ nathan, amy, lora, stacy, jess and brad. however saying that i just wish they could telaport themselves here for the day.

anyway, i had a really amazing week. i went north to sheffield for a few days. i got to have some quality time with bea & andy, pink cheeks, rachel, abagail and rob. and the "prayer shower" for bea was amazing. there were like 20 someodd women there just praying over bea and the baby and it really felt like we were on hallowed ground. all in all just a really special reunion w/ the sheffield lot.
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