Wednesday, June 09, 2004

What I've been reading lately
Middletown America: this book is a look at Middletown New Jersey in the aftermath of 9/11. The author looks at how a new kind of family emerges in the midst of chaos.
Urban Tribes: a generation redefines friendship, family and commitment. Ethan Watters realizes that he and his friends have formed an urban tribe in between leaving home and getting married in that late 20’s early 30’s age span. He defines an urban tribe as an intricate community of young people who live and work together in various combinations, form regular rituals and provide the same kind of support as an extended family.
These two books I was really drawn to b/c I am increasingly convinced that God is in the process of redefining family and what it means to be family. I think this generation and the emerging culture are more drawn to different forms of family systems than the typical family unit. Anyway God’s favorite metaphor I think is the family. Just think it was it was the first metaphor He used!

The No 1 Detective Agency: When I first arrived in England everyone was raving about this new series of books set in South Africa. It was a quick read and until the end I wasn’t hooked. But at the end of the book I found myself really ready for the next in the series.
Brick Lane: Supposedly the no 1 british novel this year. So far it is enjoyable but a bit slow. But good to read since it is set in a nearby neighborhood and it is nice to see more marginalized voices brought into the mainstream.
Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World: God has had me on a journey of “being” over “doing” in the past year and I think this book will only give me more handles on growing in intimacy with Him

The next two books on my shelf to read are:

ReImagining Spiritual Formation—This is Doug Pagitt’s book and I am looking forward to reading it. When I first started doing emerging church stuff all I was reading was stuff like primer on postmodernism, soul sunama, church on the other side, etc etc etc . But this is the first book of the sort I have picked up in a while and I am hoping it will be as good as it looks!

The Best Thing I ever tasted—Sallie Tisdale writes about the link between us and food and between food and communities. I am interested for several reasons—1) I haven’t met a woman that doesn’t struggle w/ either food or body issues and it looks like she is going to explore this a bit 2) also b/c food has become really central to gatherings of the church and community I like to get her take on this although it seems she is writing about this from outside the christian faith

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