Friday, June 11, 2004

One thing that I have been thinking about is that when we talk about emerging culture or reaching people in a postmodern context we still think primarily about young adults and I wonder if we aren’t on the verge of missing the next generation. Last week I had 4 pre-teen girls over for a sleep over at my new flat. In a time of “Girl Talk” I felt really prompted to ask them what they thought about God and the church. And I thought I would share some of their thoughts:
The first thing they all said was that they hated church. There was absolutely no hesitation. And these are good girls that love God. They said that it seems like the church only knows about five stories about God and Jesus and they just tell them over and over and it is really boring (moses, jesus being born of a virgin, jesus dying, noahs ark, and I can’t remember the 5th one). They said they wanted more, either more stories of what happened or more stories of what God is doing today. One of the girls said that “come on when you go to church you should make everyone feel really welcome and give them flowers and make it really beautiful and then you should have a time in the beginning with really nice cakes and drinks and just give people time with their friends” They also said that you could either do church in a popular space with lots of people or in a home. But if you do it in a place with lots of people there should be more scientific experiments and things for those that aren’t sure they believe yet. They also said their should be more games and it should be more fun.

In Seattle earlier this year Lowell Bakke made a comment that the church needs to be prepared to partner with children and be ready to release authority to them. I have to say I wasn’t sure what that would look like or if he was right but now I do think there is something to what he was saying…and we really do need to be listening to the next generation!

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