Monday, May 10, 2004

well I guess I should give and update. I have found a flat in the Bow quarter development. I put down a weeks deposit and they are processing the paperwork. I should know tomorrow or the next day and if approved then I will move in on Thursday.

The whole process was quite good. I went up to London and stayed with Andrew and Debbie and the kids for a few days. Debbie and Tamara and Samuel went out with me last wednesday to look for an apartment. And really everything just clicked. So now I am just in waiting mode....which for those of you who know my barometer for patience know how easy this phase is for me.

I did come back to Chichester b/c Mark and Tamsin had agreed to be my guarantor I brought the paperwork back here and I have been hanging out. It has been a good time for me to just pray and prepare for what is ahead. This morning Tamsin and I had a really amazing time of prayer together. Not sure what to do this week. I thought about going back to London and crashing w/ the Jones' or heading to Sheffield, but it would be cheaper to go to Sheffield if I had a 14 day i think I should wait....but I don't really like the in-between...I am ready to move into my flat!!!!

Ok well one thing that it really different here is that part of the deal on the weekends here is having people over for tea (dinner) or going to others for dinner. That is just part of the culture. I love it. You aren't going out and meeting people for supper you are hosting and being hosted. It is quite lovely.
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