Sunday, May 16, 2004

it has been an absolutely amazing weekend in england. on friday night i went to an art show at a local university and it was brilliant. then yesterday poppy's school had a carnival and it was quite something then we went to an open gardent and it turned out to be quite a party. and the garden and lawn were quite something. it was at a house that some friends of tamsin's and mark are now living at but before their uncle owned it it belonged to the family of the queen mum. Then today we went out sailing and hung out on the beach. all in all a great weekend.
i also while we were at the gardens i met this guy that works for face to face which is part of the beasom foundation (?sp). anyway they help people that are on welfare start small businesses w/ loans of 620 pounds...they have been around for just 3 years and they have 100% of the loans have been paid back and 28% of the people they have helped which have been able to be successful and get off welfare! anyway i am going to meet up with him again and see their full operation in london soon.
so anyway it is all fantastic except for the fact that i am chomping at the bit to move into my apartment. i did get approved for the flat but the owners have not returned the paperwork to the estate agent so i can't move in tomorrow it will probably be the day after. so tommorrow i am going to head over to brighton which is supposed to be quite an arty town in england.

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