Tuesday, March 02, 2004

well i have been harrassed into blogging here it goes
it is no longer snowing in austin...that was short lived but very nice and a reminder from God that we do have winter in Texas
i did move out of the community house (the 3rd move i have made in less than a year) and i am floating for a bit....not really sure what is next...have been sensing that it is time to buy a house but that seems like a humongous step...but i did meet w/ a realtor and I know what some of my options are.

Last week seemed like a return to an old groove...i spent a week on the road...a few days in Houston working on Seminext and catching up with people and then I drove to Dallas (which I personally think is one of the worst drives in TX --worse than driving in west texas) for some meetings which turned out to be really good. I met with the leaders of Worldconnex...a new missions network that is trying to poise themselves to help connect people to do missions in a new way for a new century! So that is what I have been up to and if you think about pray about my living situation!
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