Friday, January 23, 2004

blogging again?
so much has happened since my last blog that i feel like a totally new person and don't even know what to say. when you are being so transformed and going through such healing and renewal that even when you can't talk from within that space how in this context do you talk about it?

one day sitting in england i was looking out the window and all the trees were barren and it was so obviously winter and i began thinking about the sesasons...the landscape looked so parallel to how i felt internally. but then i was so hopeful because after winter is over everything blossoms again.

so recently i have spent a lot of time quiet, a lot of time still (which as all of you know is sooo easy for me), and just a lot of time in prayer and God is positively doing a new thing in me (isaiah 43:16 and following) it feels like a clean slate, a beginning place, and i am just so excited about the things to come.
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