Wednesday, December 31, 2003

New Year
well i spent yesterday driving from prague to lausanne, switzerland. i have to admit that i was a bit nervous at first...but i am so glad that i did it. i feel a bit more impowered and it refueled my courage a bit. in addition, since there was very litte music and no phone, i had this intense communion with God. I really did experience His companionship.

So now today, I am with Bryce and Sam, at the base of the swiss alps to celebrate the new year. And i have to admit I am glad that a new year is dawning.

This past year definately had its ups and downs for me....and i arrived here in europe for the holidays a little shaken, a little beat up, in my spirit. But this trip has been a good thing for me. coming back to the center. For me the hard part will be not rushing from this place of healing into production...but really continuing to have times of silence and solitude, times of listening before i run off into the next thing.

Anyway, i guess all that is to say I am healing and getting stronger and having a good time in the process. So here is to the new year.
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