Saturday, December 20, 2003

I AM getting into the christmas spirit. it was nice to walk through the orlando airport and pass several massive christmas trees all decked out (even though it was a terribly commercialized airport) and then to be at gatwick airport and have loads of carolers singing...and it is nice to wake up and have a chill in the house. Also to be invited around to other families for afternoon tea all because of the merriment of the holidays. And being in England helps, because it feels like Christmas here.

so once again i have crossed over and am enjoying myself in england. i slept until 1pm today which i found a bit embarrasing especially after having adjusted to the time and it not being a part of jet lag. but just because i am exhausted. these past few months have been soooo taxing. physically and mentally but also emotionally and physically. it is good just to be able to sit and have a cup of tea and process, think. i have been so busy that i haven't done that but in bits and pieces...but now i think that is part of what this trip is get more understanding and gaining god's perspective.

this trip for me seems to have 3 parts
1) is really about going to the mountain to see and speak to God..similar to when moses went up the feels like that to me.
2) is about reconnecting with people i love and also about stepping more into the things God promised me this summer
3) is for vision and timing about doing another worship/arts event
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