Monday, December 15, 2003

Coming and Going
Well after being totally harrassed for my absence from the house, beginning w/ nathan's blog about one of jessica's friends staying here (yes that was me he was referring to) and then a substancial # of jabs last night....i think i am feeling quite loved and wanted......
now it is time to leave again

i am quite pleased with my room, i finally unpacked all the boxes in room, just to repack....but oh well. it feels nice to leave knowing my room is nice and put together. however that will be the last time i will be able to use the word "my" for a very long time, seeing as when lora moves in come February we will be sharing a room. a little nervous about that, i have realized i am not always very good at sharing....and as a standard i take up more room than i need.

today erika is doing my hair (praise GOD)
and then a few last minute errands before heading to houston

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