Thursday, November 13, 2003

things seem to be looking up today!!!

i am in houston and had a meeting w/ 17 business leaders from around the city at the UBA. we were asking the business leaders to help us deal with creatively resourcing a church planting movement. with practically every denomination and missions funding agency facing financial cutbacks and the need for more apostolic leaders and church planters we are in quite a pickle. So how are we going to rescource the increasing need? the meeting seemed to be stimulating for everyone at the table and it just was nice to see some of the hard work of the past year culminate in something quite positive. although this was just the beginning i am excited to see what is ahead.

and just to make an official and public announcement. i am no longer working for ECN. I am however planning on continuing my relationship w/ the convention and working on the areas of training and sustainability for emerging leaders. Jessica and I are working on developing the training trail and looking at what events to do next year and I am working on the sustainability issue through several avenues........

so now i am headed back to austin and then i am flying out to little rock to meet jessica and erika so that we can sell sugar scrubs (however they are already selling like crazy and may not even need me) goal w/ the sugar scrubs is 1) to get out of debt by the first of the year and 2) try to model and do a case study on full time ministry/ and an entrepreneural model of business as well as 3) help find ways to help other missional leaders be tent makers and 4) keep up my marketable skills and get in touch w/ the marketplace again
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