Tuesday, October 07, 2003

i am missing all of the english today....jenn & fran i am sure are busing doing last minute things for the wedding...i wish i could be there for the big day! also i am wondering if abigail and rob survived dissertation land??? and i wish i could hear bea's voice and see how things were going w/ moogaloo's...but these days i can not even access their blog. and then there is also viv and rachel that i would love to hang out at the coffee house with and andy that i would like to chat with at the pub and simon that it would be just good to see (as it is always good to see simon) a shout out to all of you in sheffield......

also missing erika and jessica quite a bit as we prepare to move into the big house...seems like ages since the summer but fall is arriving and austin is a good place to be today especially since i have gotten to spend some time with whitney and the boys....always a delight!
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