Sunday, September 21, 2003

yes, we have found a house in central austin that is beyond amazing! and in god's typical way with me it is over the top and more than i deserve and the owner is so nice and she even want's to take us to the neighborhood association and introduce us. and she totally "gets us". yeah god. so now we are just waiting on all our rental histories to come out good and will be official.

and yes, i still know how to attend meetings. this week was back to normal but i do feel like i have gotten into a groove and i still feel strong in my spirit and i can tell that god has gone before, and is going w/ me and protecting me.

i also am spending time reconnecting with friends. both those here in austin, and around the state but also with a few of my friends from the summer like linnea, teresa, derek and amy and now i just need to get ahold of robby and grace and see what those crazy kids are up to.

furthermore, i am back to selling sugar scrubs. so if you need to order a gift for a friend or for yourself -- go here and place an order--

and speaking of sugar scrubs one big culture shock came this weekend at the show -- before they opened the doors they had a moment of silence and played the star spangled banner and we all faced the flag--- just wondering about god, patriotism and retail.....guess i could go on and on but i won't

ok so i am missing the emmy's so i will go for now and try to blog more later

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