Sunday, September 07, 2003

well i'm back. on one hand i feel ready to hit the ground running, find a place, get settled and all the rest...on the other hand (esp after reading erika's blog ) i wish i were still in europe. but oh well i am back and the big challenge will be not losing all that God gave me this summer and taught me.

in other news -- first two orders of business 1) getting my phone turned on and 2) hanging out w/ josh & aimee and getting my car back. getting my phone turned on took a bit and then i realized i think my phone is somewhere in europe (maybe jess's car?) so i had to go buy a new phone (however i got a great deal!--thanks J!) but now the sticky part is i don't have anyone's phone if you want to hear from me -- call me or email me your info! the second order of business was great...josh and aimee drove to clearlake to bring me back my car and we went for dinner at papasitas --great tex mex! and the time flew by -- i wish we lived closer so that we could hang out more. also just so everyone knows how great they are -- they brought my car to me w/ a new oil change and they had the car detailed! i don't think my car has been that clean since i bought it.
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