Tuesday, September 02, 2003

France--after a very lovely ferry ride yesterday--definately the way to travel. we made it and jess and i are currently in a cyber cafe catching up on email. who said i was the workaholic --at least i avoided the computer on my birhtday. speaking of birhtdays it does seem that this summer has been full of celebrating --celebrating life--in all these different nations. Erika, Grace; Andy; Abigail; Poppy; Jenn Andrews; Debbie (who got a bit shafted by us on her bdqy); mine; andrews is coming; and i am sure i am missing someone. We also celebrated Derek & Amys anniversary. Life is full and due to what God is building across the nations it is richer. In isaiah scripture talks about the gifts of the nations coming together --you can feel that in this new season of the church. the other day tamsin asked me what i thought was strategic about the global community at this junction in history --i think the global expression is making way for local impact in the way that 100 years ago the local gave way to the global. the cool thing though is that we get to experience this radical life that gives people a foretaste of a God they want to know--life is full and rich today!!!

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