Sunday, August 31, 2003

well this is it my final week before i return to the states. i am currently in chichester at Tamsin's house. She whisked me away from greenbelt and brought me to spend the last few days with her family. Where i had my own bed, bedroom and bathtub! I have been spoiled beyond belief and had the space to process a little bit of all that God has done and revealed this summer. Gosh there has been so much more that has happened here in Chichester but i don't really know how to put into words...but we have communed with God and seen him restore confidence and faith and He has given us bigger dreams and visions. A part of me is so sad that this time is coming to an end.
But now i am packed up and waiting for the Jones' to pick me up and we will cross over to France tonight or in the morning. Tuesday we will celebrate Jessica's Birthday. And then who knows what on wednesday and thursday. I fly out of Paris on Friday and arrive in Houston in the afternoon. If you are reading this my friends i ask that you would pray for a smooth transition as i return to the states and for a house to fall into place.

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