Thursday, August 21, 2003

this morning we all woke up to joel serenading us w/ his violin. how amazing to look out of our tents and see him against the backdrop of the overcast sky and the lush green mountaintops. i can not even explain how breathtaking it was. for andrew i think joel has been such a blessing -- so that he is no longer the only adult male w/ an entourage of women. for us -- joel reads us stories and night and serenades us in the mornings --- who can beat that?

yesterday the jones' whisked me away to wales. we went to cardiff which is the youngest capital in europe but it was a little anticlimatic -- but the day was great -- just to chill and have a little time on my own.... and then to process through and evaluate the summer and wabi sabi w/ andrew..... it all made for a very good day.

so today debbie and i are getting final touches for camping and supplies for our presentation at greenbelt friday night. it feels like a real privelege to present at this festival of 15,000 people that is church for the other half (the christians that don't go to church but are being church) and i am trying to connect w/ the world just a little bit before i don't have electricity for several days.
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