Friday, August 01, 2003

Thank you for all the birthday wishes that have come my way. I did have an absolutely fabulous day and it was just icing to the cake that God has given me this summer. I think I am really getting it -- that He loves me and that I am a part of this amazing community and in the midst of it that people love me and even more they like me.

As a couple of us were praying this morning the question came up about why is it so hard for things to go from head knowledge to heart knowledge? Why do we reach out for and desire love and at the same time hold it at arms lenght not believing we are worth it?

I don't know -- don't feel like blogging any of this but it is what is in my head today instead of just not blogging i will put it out there Because so much of what He is teaching me and others this summer is identity and my identity is rooted in His love and then it is reinforced through community.
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