Wednesday, July 30, 2003

well i arrived! in sheffield that is. much to my surprise bea and andy met teresa and i at the airport.

it really was quite an eventful day. we drove from berlin to hamburg (which was a good 3 hour drive followed by an hour of looking for the airport) only to find out that we flew out of lubeck hamburg ariport (another 50 km a way). i am still a little irritated with ryan air for promoting a fare out of hamburg airport and then it really being lubeck..oh well.... we just prayed that god would delay the plane -- and he did -- we got there at 3 minutes to take off and the people at the counter said "you are lucky-the plane is delayed". we then found out that there was a little communication problem--london was confused about which airport the plane was flying too --- god is good!

so we made our flight --- andy and bea met us at the airport. we then had tea w/ the jones' and cloads -- (the jones kids had spent the morning picking these amazingly fresh blackberries)--then off to sheffield. so a full day of traveling but it was good and it is good to be here.... feels like home at the marshall's--and the weather is fantastic!
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