Wednesday, July 23, 2003

part of the gift of this summer is friendship and deeper relationships. we are just all going deeper with one another. i really had a pretty crappy day yesterday -- even leaving my credit card at globe -- thank goodness they just forgot to get it back to me. but i was resued by derek and amy. derek picked me up in his carriage and brought me to their apartment. Amy was busy at work really cooking. really cooking. we just hung out and then had dinner and watched zoolander and got to know each other more. And let me tell you it was the best meal i have had all summer. The girl really can cook. She made a vegetarian curry dish -- too good for words.

then after everyone went to bed i had this amazing time with God. It was so rich and had so many levels. About intimacy with God, and there was also Father stuff and was just full.

a big image that i got was light floating on water and how the light dances off water and it so much brighter and fuller. and right now He is just asking me to float
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