Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I just received an email that said “…I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when you return” Wow! That is what this summer has been an adventure, as well as many other things. Reading the Celtic way of prayer, the author talks about pilgrimage as adventure and quest as well as wandering and exile. It has no specific goal at the end; the journey is the most important.

I am really thankful for the metaphor of pilgrimage. It is big enough to encompass the whole spectrum of our journey and calling and life with Christ. I think it is a better metaphor today than missions.

I think one thing that I learned doing the Camino with a group of 16 is that pilgrimage can be elastic. We are all focused on Christ and some will sore ahead and some will need to rest, some will need to take a break and go another direction but we will all meet up again and even when we are on different routes we are still on pilgrimage. We don’t all have to move as a group from point a to point b and in fact if we do we might miss what God has for us or someone else.

For instance one day we were walking from Estella to Los Arcos – it was an 18 km walk- we all started out together (Linnea, Erika, Teresa, Jessica, Samuel & I) we took a break ½ way through and had lunch at the top of a hill overlooking much of the Spanish countryside. Linnea was getting sick and my feet were hurting so we took it a bit slower and at around 1pm we decided to Siesta at the edge of a hayfield – after a while more people kept stopping and we had the most amazing conversations, with people that really were on the Camino seeking God. If we had kept our earlier pace that would have never happened. How many times will I not rest and therefore miss opportunities to really converse with people? Another thing that happened by breaking off from the group was that we ended up back in Lausanne, Switzerland needing a place to rest for the night. During a time of prayer the team was asking for helpers to get some work done & what a coincidence we were here to help!

I also think that the whole idea of pilgrimage has taught me is that as Christians that we need to change our posture in our culture. We are all on a journey and we need to come with a greater attitude of humility and of seeking along side others. When we come in with our agenda and our plan we often miss the mark and miss what God wants to do in our own lives as well as in the lives of those He is wooing.

The other thing that the Camino taught me was how little we need. For over a week I had to carry what I needed on my back—that will teach you what is important –especially walking 15-20 km a day! In it all He is also speaking to me alot about love and trust and really doing transformative work in my life.

There is so much that has happened and I honestly have not had time to process… the above thoughts might not make any sense but I felt like I needed to put something on this darn blog!!!!
All of my friends I love and miss you!

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