Wednesday, July 23, 2003

i am currently reading an advance copy of an article that brad wrote about should be up on the wabi sabi site soon.

as i have been reading i realized again how much i miss being able to pick up my phone and call brad and talk for hours about what he is thinking. in that same vein i am thinking about a lot of people today--wondering how erika is enjoying england, how jessica is doing on trail, if robby and grace have made it to england yet, i am wondering how the jones are doing, thinking about nathan and amy walking the apalacian trail, and seeing stacy in england and wishing brian and whitney were here this summer and the list goes on and on --- i love my friends! brad made a comment in an email to me about this kingdom community that God was forming by His spirit -- it is so real and so rich and it is His way-- i am just glad to be part of it!
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