Monday, July 21, 2003

" ...we are all guests, we are all travelers, we are all a little lost, and we are all looking for a place to rest a while." i picked up radical hospitality, st benedicts way of love, again last night and this was the first sentence that i read. Wow. what a description of what is going on and a good description of the journey and pilgrimage that encompasses life.
for the first time i feel like i am finally in a place to process. Lausanne was a great place of rest and it was totally lavish. Not in a 5 star hotel kind of way but in God's way which is fuller and richer but also more real. So now i am in prague and it is weird b/c it feels like a home base.... where i can really unload/be/move at my own pace.
More than that Prague is a magical city for me and each time I come I love it more. I wasn't even planning on coming but it seems like Gods way of giving me icing and sprinkles this summer.

Some of the lessons I am learning this summer are
1. How to lead with-- not just forging ahead but actually leading with and moving together.
2. Identity stuff -- who i am apart from what i do-- really trusting God and letting Him heal deep wounds in my life.
3. Also one big lesson has been Gods flexibility -- He will bend to meet our needs. About a week or so ago I was really upset b/c one little thing wasn't working out the way I thought it would. I realized that part of the issue was still coming from a selfish or jealous place in me but the other part was that I was feeling robbed (and I have to say this was all ridiculous in retrospect) however when I worked through it and really got a different blessing I also realized part of the reason that there was a change in the plans was because God needed to work something out as an unexpected blessing for someone as well. So He wasn't just taking something from me He was working all things together for good.
4. I also think that this summer has been a way of building a nomadic tribe and seeing how we move together. How we don't have to be ALL TOGETHER to move forward together. We can move in a modular way and like a rubber band contract back in when necessary and then move out in another way. (maybe not the best analagy --but i did go through 3 nations yesterday) In the midst of that communication is really important and not something that comes easily.

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