Sunday, June 29, 2003

Pilgrimage/ Peregrinatio (df) --quest, wandering, adventure, exile, seeking--ultimately a journey.

Well i am on pilgrimage here in Spain and I think I have finally settled into the journey. First I landed in Paris after an amazing plane ride w/ a "God Seeker" and then took a bus followed by train to Lausanne, Switzerland and landed at Bryce & SamĀ“s place the day befor a Max Life Party. Then we had a real day of rest at the base of the Swiss Alps lounging in hammocks then an outdoor movie on their lawn and then we drove two days through France to end up Tuesday in Barcelona. This was the meeting point for the majority of our group so Robby and Grace, Teresa, and Derek and Amy all made it here and we have been hanging out here. Spending time in Barcelona, adjusting to the culture, blending in and getting to know the group dynamics. Tommorrow we pull out headed toward Leon -- with a possible stop in Paploma or Avilla (the home of Theresa of Avilla).

To get a better idea of Pilgrimage I have been reading the celtic way of prayer --which i recommend to all of you even if you are not coming to europe. And if any of you want to be part of the continuing Wabi Sabi Conversation -- email Joshua Rudd at for an invitation to the corporate blog. One idea is that we are all pilgrims and when we arrive in Sheffield we will be working on compiling stories and creating art to take the stories from the journey to the Greenbelt Festival.

Lots of other good stuff but i am at an internet cafe running out of time --so more later
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