Thursday, May 08, 2003

Well i am still in houston and although this is one of the hottest stickiest places in texas i am having an incredible week. The primary reasons for coming to town were to have meetings and to work on the new funding initiative. Chris Seals and I are working on creating a modern day tent making system to support 1000 missional people in 5 years. UBA is working with us to call together business leaders and successful entrepreauners to get the initiative off the ground. I am getting really excited. I really do believe that the person that will lead this endeavor will come from Houston. It just fits the character of the city. Please pray for 1) for the meeting we are hosting on the 17th & 18th of June w/ the business people 2) for the person that is to lead this endeavor.

Other than all the good work stuff and open doors, (which there have been SOOOO many and i will share that you more later.), I have gotten to hang out with some really special people. Tuesday night was Aimee's birthday and it was definately a western theme complete with the cotton eyed joe! I have also gotten to know her husband Josh better which has been really good. I have also had time catching up with Chris and Laura Seals. Both of these couples inspire me. They have been slugging it out doing ministry in the Montrose area of Houston. A very hard postmodern context. They have sacrificed to stay in a very trendy, very expensive area. They all work full time jobs, Chris and Laura are beginning a family, and they all pastor house churches. And since the day I met them they have been generous and hospitable and full of love and joy. And of course Erika and I have been hanging out--she is headed to Prague May 28th!

Ok so i am headed home tommorrow and i will share some of the other good work related stuff later....see ya
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