Thursday, May 29, 2003

ok so i am getting totally lazy in my blogging habits... seems as if i don't have that much i am ready to put "out there" yet. but i did want to share my news: i bought my ticket for the summer. i am leaving the 19th of June and will return on September 5th. so now i am in the process of packing up my apartment. i am a little surprised at the ways it seems sad to be leaving this apartment. i have bitched so much about it being too far from the city center and this and that. but now i am remebering how present God has been in the space and how rich my life has been over the last 16 months. I also have remembered how faithfully God provided this apartment ( a young couple that built a house paid me $1500 to take over their lease at a time when rent in austin was still skyrocketing)! But just as sure as He opened the door for me to be here, He opened the door for me to go this summer and who knows what awaits me when I return?
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