Thursday, May 01, 2003

brad sargent keeps sending me these annoying emails to get back on the blogging horse as nathan called it. so ahhhhhh! here i go blogging. first of all i should let you know that my reference in my past blog to hiding was just to say that there is so much going on that i don't really know where to begin.

so where i am i? tonight i am in austin after a round robin trip to san antonio and kerrville. i went to san antonio to meet with some of the students from the hispanic seminary that were at wabi sabi to see what they were thinking after having been part of the assessment and wabi sabi. it was really a great time. even lora came down so we ate together and talked about making disciples as we go and what that looks like for them. i am so excited b/c 4 of the guys are moving into an apartment together and we are going to begin meeting there and seeking God's face for vision for them. as i was sitting in the grass w/ them i had this stirring feeling that was similar to a meeting that i had at my friend sheri dyers house when we began talking about starting soul cafe. all of that to say i have a real sense of anticipation (and maybe they will also teach me spanish)!

ok so i left san antonio and went to kerrville. it was really good to drive into town. everything was so familiar. i stayed w/ cydney and then met my spiritual mother (kay miller) at the kerrville prayer breakfast at 6:30am! it was really odd to be back at the church where so many people poured into me and believed in me and the vision God gave me. so many people came up to me really wanting to know what was going on and they just kept telling me how much they loved me and supported me. i was really overwhelmed in many ways--just so much love and support. i had a great time hanging out with kay -- while i was doing soul cafe she met with me every week to pray. she is the only person that i know that when i think of her i see galatians 5 -- she exudes all of the fruit of the spirit and really walks in step with the spirit. so then i got a facial and came home. then tonight i met with drew rice and his roomate donny. i think donny is one of the funniest people i have met in a while. a good day all in all.
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