Tuesday, April 08, 2003

well i have been avoiding blogging for many reasons mainly because there are so many thoughts going on in my head i don't know where to begin. i think i will start by blowing off trying to decompress from wabi sabi. there are many others who have captured the event and Jessica did a great job of giving everyone credit.

i have just finished packing for alaska and i am sure that overpacked although it is less clothes and more books and i recognize at this point that i am being very ambitious with all of the books that i am taking. for those of you wondering about my mom --- she is improving and she has gone home from the hospital. for those of you wanting details i will give you a short version. she had reconstructive surgery on her arm and had a reaction to the anesthetic which caused her sodium level to drop which had several side effects. aside from the physical affects it had severe emotional affects sending her into a deep depression. for all of you that have been praying THANK YOU. i felt the prayers and i know she would not be home today apart from the prayers of many of you.

as for me i am full swing into a new season. God prepared me even before wabiSABI that He was pulling me into a season of solitude and intercession and the last five days have been incredible. i am excited to see what comes of the next few weeks.

there are many other things i could blog about summer plans, a follow up event in england this summer, a pilgrimage across europe, new ideas for linking training across the continent and globe for emerging leaders, and i am trying to finish the pitch book for the new funding system we are trying to get off the ground. more news to follow on all these fronts but for now i am going to bed and then flying west.

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