Wednesday, March 19, 2003

why am i at the computer at midnight? i keep asking myself that question. the last few days have been very good but very busy. i am currently staying at this VERY SWANKY hotel in Irving, Tx, thanks to the SBT. Tommorrow the Southern Baptist of Texas are hosting a meeting about urban church planting. I am still not sure how i got here but you would not believe this hotel. My hotel room is actually a massive suite bigger than my apartment.

oh well. so i came to the hotel library/office to check email since i have not been near a computer since monday. (wow that was only two days ago) i had 50 emails and seems as though everyone picked up the blogging pace.

i should go to bed. kristen is coming over at 7 am so we can have some time together while i am in dallas before the big meeting.
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