Thursday, March 13, 2003

well i have fallen behind as so many friends have begun blogging
stacy is a friend of mine that i have know for over 10 years, she was a missionary to mongolia for 2 years and then was the missions pastor at soul cafe. She moved to austin and is the friend that challenges me the most. her blog is wurthering kites. it is a very fun blog to follow.
i met brian seay when i moved to austin a little over a year ago. he and don vanderslice moved here to start a church called mosaic. in some ways it is easy to steps of faith when it is just you but when you have a family it is a much different call. brian is married to amy who was a terrific friend when we were getting settled here and they have 3 kids with on on the way. don is married to emily and they have a son and emily just gave birth to a daughter.
candice mcdougal is a student at a&m who is majoring in music and minoring in russian. she got involved at soul cafe towards the end of my time there and i wish i knew her better. she is such a servant and really desires to follow God anywhere and her life is characterized by sacrifice and faithfulness. her blog is wafflesprout. why? who knows. amanda bradleyis another soul cafer, she is a kindergarten teacher currently working on her masters. she has come a long way since i have known her in her pursuit of becoming a disciple. i have many fond memories of times we spent together shopping, working out or just hanging out. bob carlton is a cultural strategist with emerging church network and he has a ministry of his own called catalyst. i just recently have gotten to know bob but i am looking forward to a long friendship with him and his wife krisina. Kristina is a native german and she has one of the sweetest and most gentle spirits of anyone i know. she also has a passion to let her past struggles help others so they don't have to endure the same long road she has walked.
and they have a friend that is blogging whose blog i here to go to keri's blog who i don't know. lora is also blogging. lora moved to austin when i moved here last february. seems like she and austin fit together. she is going to mosaic and working at walgreens and even recently got a promotion.
and thenstacie baldwin and julie andrews are two girls who work at riverbend church and are working with nathan on interrobang --- a worship service at the hideout on the corner of 7th and congress. However it doesn't look like stacie has really gotten into blogging yet.

soon i will put links for these guys until then just go check out their blogs....and are you aware of the community forming around blogging?
and if you want to talk about people that have the community thing down, the group from sheffield have a community blog called the thing about it

so now i have caught up a little on the blogging action, i am exhausted and i going to bed!

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