Thursday, March 27, 2003

to know what is really going on around here check out either Jessica's Andrew's. but i will share a personal reflection.

i got this amazing word from God day before yesterday. it was from a devotional book i have by Fenelon (a 17th century arch bishop who discipled people in the kings court) and God told me to pick it up on tuesday and led me right to this page:

"Live in quiet peace, my dear young lady, without any thought for the future. For only God knows if you have a future in this world. Perhaps not. In fact, you do not even have a today thaqt you can call your own. A Christian must live out the hours of today in accord with the plans of God, to whom the day truly belongs.
Keep on with the good things you are doing, since you feel a leaning in these directions, and certainly you will be able to get them done. But be careful of distractions and the desire to do too many things at once. Above all things, be faithful to the present moment, doing one thing at a time and you will receive all the grace you need."

Not that this is easy for me, however it is so comforting that God know where I am and He can speak right into that. It has been good and has kept me from being completely stressed out.

I am looking forward to the official kick off "The Shotgun Rivival Dinner"--- then i can sit back and completely relax! amen

hope to see you there!
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